uuid, auto-generated, read-only

Internal identifier of the object within an array.


string, required

Type of the document.

Possible values are:

  • notice - Asset Notice

The formal notice that gives details. This may be a link to a downloadable document, to a web page, or to an official gazette in which the notice is contained.

  • technicalSpecifications - Technical Specifications

Detailed technical information about goods or services to be provided.

  • illustration - Illustrations
  • x_presentation - Presentation

Presentation about the asset to be sold.

  • informationDetails - Information Details

Auto-generated type of document that will be attached to each of the assets automatically.

  • cancellationDetails - Cancellation Details

Reasons why the asset has to be deleted.

  • x_dgfAssetFamiliarization - Asset Familiarization

Goods examination procedure rules / Asset familiarization procedure in data room. Contains information on where and when a given document can be examined offline.

  • clarifications - Clarifications to bidders questions

Documentation that provides replies to issues raised in pre-bid conferences or an enquiry processes.


string, multilingual, required

  • Ukrainian by default (required) - Ukrainian title
  • title_en (English) - English title
  • title_ru (Russian) - Russian title

Optionally can be mentioned in English/Russian.

OpenContracting Description: The document title.


string, multilingual, required

OpenContracting Description: A description of the goods, services to be provided.

  • Ukrainian by default - Ukrainian decription
  • decription_en (English) - English decription
  • decription_ru (Russian) - Russian decription

OpenContracting Description: A short description of the document. In the event the document is not accessible online, the description field can be used to describe arrangements for obtaining a copy of the document.


string, optional

OpenContracting Description: The format of the document taken from the IANA Media Types code list, with the addition of one extra value for ‘offline/print’, used when this document entry is being used to describe the offline publication of a document.


string, auto-generated, read-only

OpenContracting Description: Direct link to the document or attachment.


Date, auto-generated, read-only

OpenContracting Description: The date on which the document was first published.


Date, auto-generated, read-only

OpenContracting Description: Date that the document was last modified


string, optional

OpenContracting Description: Specifies the language of the linked document using either two-digit ISO 639-1, or extended BCP47 language tags.


string, required

Possible values are:

  • asset
  • item

uuid, optional

Id of related Asset or Item.


integer, optional

OpenContracting Description: Sorting (display order) parameter used for illustrations. The smaller number is, the higher illustration is in the sorting. If index is not specified, illustration will be displayed the last. If two illustrations have the same index, they will be sorted depending on their publishing date.


string, optional

Required for x_dgfAssetFamiliarization document.